12 Hour Membership
Our 12 Hour Membership is great fit for quick projects. Evening hours can be requested. ..
40 Hour Membership
Our 40 Hour Membership is great for the over for larger projects that require more time.  ..
Caramelized Bamboo Cutting Board
Good size but surprisingly heavy cutting board. Caramelized Bamboo Cutting Board..
CNC Hourly Rate
CNC Hourly Rate without membership is $25, this does NOT include program time and GCODE setup. ($10 ..
Cutting Board Class
Our Cutting Board Class is a 2 day long class. Beginners are welcome..
Safety / Intro to Shop Class
Our Safety / Intro to Shop Class is REQUIRED by ALL Members, regardless of previous experience...
Single Day Membership
Our Single Day Membership is great for walk-ins that just need quick cut or plan. This membersh..
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